2022 Scholarship Recipients Announced


Graduation season has arrived and, around Emmet County, 39 local high school graduates are starting or continuing college with $64,250 worth of assistance and the support of their community. Since the establishment of the first scholarship fund in 1994, the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation has awarded over $700,000 to students to pursue higher education after high school.

The Community Foundation’s 26 scholarship funds are made possible by forward-thinking donors who generously support students entering the skilled trades, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities to help ease their financial burdens.   

The Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all people in Emmet County by connecting donors with community needs; building a permanent source of charitable funds to serve our area; addressing a broad range of community issues through innovative grantmaking; and promoting philanthropy and active citizenship. 

Alberto Moreno Memorial Scholarship:  Cooper Rokop, Petoskey High School, $2,500

Amy Elizabeth Kelbel Scholarship: Faith Bailey, Petoskey High School, $1,500

Anna Funk Memorial Scholarship: Maye Burns, Harbor Springs High School, $1,500

Baiardi Family Foundation Scholarships Alanson/Pellston area: Aliza Guerrero, Alanson High School  $1,500

Baiardi Family Foundation Scholarships Harbor Springs/Petoskey area (2):

  • Brooke Bixby, Petoskey High School, $2,000
  • Noel VanderWall, Petoskey High School, $2,000

Barry Potter HOPE Scholarship: Jacob Doss, Pellston High School, $1,000

C.W. McClellan Scholarship: Lindsay LaGrou, Petoskey High School, $1,000

Café Society Educational Scholarship: Bea Putman, Petoskey High School, $1,000

Ephraim Shay Scholarship: Isabella Taylor, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000

First Tee Scholarship (Renewals):

  • Maeli Coveyou* Michigan Tech, $1,000
  • Tai Coveyou* Michigan Tech, $1,000
  • Mackenzie Gillette* Albion College, $1,000
  • William Gillette V* Michigan Tech, $1,000
  • Kal O'Brien* Marymount California University, $1,000
  • Calli O'Neill* Aquinas College, $1,000
  • Jacquelyn O'Neill* Illinois Wesleyan Universiry, $1,000
  • Brynn Werner* Michigan State University, $1,000

Harbor Springs Opportunity Scholarship (2):

  • Mackenzie Radle, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Jenna Richardson, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000

Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan: Kaden Rice, Petoskey High School, $1,000

James and Carolyn Cloutier Scholarship: Claire Hayhurst, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000

Janet and Richard Gorman Scholarship: Gregory Koontz, Petoskey High School, $1,000

Jennifer A. Kullik Memorial Scholarship (2):

  • Katelyn Wodek, Petoskey High School, $3,000
  • Brooke Bixby, Petoskey High School, $3,000

Kiwanis of Harbor Springs Scholarships (9):

  • Brynn Backus, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Isabella Balistreri, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Giovanna Belmonte, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Randolph DeGayner, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Megan Novak, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Anthony Ouellette, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Mackenzie Radle, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Isabella Taylor, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000
  • Jillian Wagner, Harbor Springs High School, $1,000

Marshall-Smith Scholarship (2):

  • Jacob Doss, Pellston High School, $2,500
  • Emily Spierling, Pellston High School, $2,500

Mary McClutchey-Amacher Scholarship: Jacob Doss, Pellston High School, $1,000

Olofsson Family Scholarship: Marisa Hoover, Petoskey High School, $2,000

Robert Jensen Dau Memorial Scholarship (3):

  • Paige Simard, Petoskey High School, $3,000
  • Isabella Kummer*, Lake Superior State University, $3,000
  • Jade Spurgeon*, Ferris State University, $3,000

Sara J. Latimer Redpath Church Memorial Scholarship: Ember St. Amour, Alanson High School, $1,000

Scott Batchelor Scholarship (2):

  • Dana Cole, Petoskey High School, $500
  • Marek Beckering , Petoskey High School, $500

Stafford and Janice Smith Scholarship: Jacob Doss, Pellston High School, $1,500

Thomas Dale Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Ember St. Amour, Alanson High School, $750            

*Renewal Scholarship