Congratulations on your recent grant award! Now what?

The award letter you received outlines the dollar amount granted, the fund(s) from which those dollars came, as well as the conditions of the grant, including:

  1. To publicize your grant. You may prepare and submit a press release to local news media regarding your project and the grant; if you have a newsletter that could be a good outlet as well. Please continue to credit PHSACF in printed materials and news stories as a supporter of the project. In order to assist both the experienced and the first-time grant recipient, we have produced some suggestions in Tips for Publicizing Your Grant, which you can find below.
  2. To use the grant for the purpose stated in your grant application. Our expectations of your project start with the grant proposal that you submitted. What we read about in your grant proposal is what we are expecting to happen unless we hear otherwise from you. We do understand that things can change and some flexibility is important. However, we ask that you please talk to us prior to making any major changes to a project we have funded. In many cases it takes just a simple phone call.
  3. To maintain your status as a tax exempt organization. We serve the community through nonprofit organizations. If your tax exempt status changes or is revoked during the course of our grant, we need to know about it.
  4. To submit a brief report on or before the end of the grant period that will account for the expenditure of funds and describe outcomes. Usually the grant period is nine months and the date in this condition will be nine months from the date of the award letter. The grant period may be extended depending on the project. Please contact us regarding extensions. A final report form may be requested by calling 231-348-5820 or by email at [email protected]. Your feedback is essential to our work.

Please contact us when you are in need of the funds. Note that the Community Foundation cuts checks mid-month and end-of-the-month.

Thank you for your partnership!

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Meeting the Publicity Condition