Grants in Your Community

The Community Foundation recently awarded $206,083 to 37 local organizations through our fall responsive cycle. The awards were made possible by pooling resources from the Community Foundation’s designated and unrestricted endowment funds and donor advised funds.

Highlights from the 2017 Fall Grant Cycle:

  • A greater number of grants were given to support capacity building projects – the necessary internal structures needed to help nonprofits carry out their missions in a more impactful, efficient and effective manner.
  • More than $80,000 benefited health and human service organizations that provide critical services for our most vulnerable residents.
  • The Youth Advisory Committee, a group of 30 teenagers representing schools across Emmet County, recommended $45,320 in grants from the Fund for Youth to support youth programs and services. Examples include scholarships for people with developmental disabilities to attend summer camp, launching a school wrestling club, and providing shelter and support for families with sick children.
  • In recent grant cycles, there has been tremendous growth in the number of donor advised funds (funds overseen by individuals, families or organizations) participating. This fall, 17 donor advised funds contributed more than $90,000.

Read about this year’s grant recipients here.

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“Awareness to Action” in Action!

A grant last fall helped kick-off a new program in Harbor Springs Public Schools — Awareness to Action (A2A) — which involved all the 5th graders at Shay Elementary.  It’s an hands-on approach to learning which allowed the students to take the classroom outside and learn about the environment and the impact of stormwater run-off.  The results were amazing!!  Check out one of their videos!

Grant Dollars Making a Difference

All hands on deck

I have to thank the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Petoskey/Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, and the Inland Seas Education Association for providing this wonderful trip for us. When I asked my son later how the trip met his expectations, his joy was evident. “This was so much cooler than I thought it would be,” he said. I asked him what his favorite part was, fully expecting him to say steering the boat or helping with the sails. “The experiments below deck,” he said. “I felt like a real scientist, not just some kid. When they rang the bell for us to stop, I was hoping she would let me stay to do more.”

Read this parent’s full account of the impact of this experience (click here).

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