Discretionary Grants

Overall Goal of the Fund

The Fund will invest in the quality of life of the community in much the same way our responsive cycles do, but on a smaller scale with a quicker turnaround. Successful applications will fill an unexpected or emergency need or needs that are timely and cannot wait for our regular responsive cycles, with deadlines on March 1 and October 1.

Who is Eligible?
Tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and municipalities in Emmet County or serving a significant number of Emmet County residents are generally eligible. Eligible organizations must not have any late final reports from previous grants.

How Much Funding is Available?
Grants awarded from the Discretionary Fund are up to $1,000.

How Do Organizations Request Funding?
We aim to make the process as simple as possible. Please fill out the one page application below. You may submit the application by email, mail, or drop it off at our office at any time. If there are adequate funds and the request achieves the goals of the fund, applicants will receive a check within a month. The funds must be used in the manner described in the application within six months. If you receive a grant, you will be asked to complete a short Follow Up Report.

For questions, please contact Sarah Ford, community and donor engagement officer, at 231.348.5820. 

Discretionary Fund Application
Discretionary Grant Follow Up Report Form