Youth Advisory Committee

What Are They Up To?


At one of their recent monthly meetings, YACers formed groups based on their personality test results (animal matrix!).  They were challenged to build a structure with supplies provided – and to meet criteria around results, process, and relationships.   Afterward, they completed a “plus/delta” activity, reflecting on what worked well and how the effort could be even better next time.  Very creative!

Recent Grant Highlight


What does a line burner, a plasma cutter, and an arc gouger have in common? A $5,750 grant from the Community Foundation's Fund for Youth and a donor advised fund! Students at Pellston Public Schools are benefiting from the purchase of these tools to enhance their learning in the Career and Technical Education Welding and Brazing Program. Currently 17 students are enrolled. According to the final report from the grant, "this program exposed students to hands on welding and brazing, visits to a variety of local industries, and job skill expectations such as promptness, peer collaboration, and personal pride in job quality."

Current Committee

The 2015-2016 Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is made up of students from around Emmet County. Thanks to a matching grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation was able to establish the $1 million endowed Fund for Youth. The YAC is responsible for making grant recommendations from the Fund for Youth to benefit young people in our area.

Mr. Alex Bemben, Bliss Academy Homeschool
Ms. Zoey Bezilla, Harbor Springs High School
Ms. Madi Bezilla, Harbor Springs High School
Mr. Ryan Bickel, Petoskey High School
Ms. Mikayla Cerrudo, Homeschool
Mr. John Damoose, Harbor Springs Middle School
Ms. Kayla Decker, Petoskey High School
Mr. Noah Erxleben, Harbor Springs High School
Ms. Elizabeth Eaton, Pellston High School
Ms. Claire Fleming, Harbor Springs High School
Ms. Ellie Fleming, Harbor Springs High School
Mr. Asa Gold, Homeschool
Mr. Finn Hopkins, Petoskey High School
Ms. Maddie Hunt, Harbor Springs High School
Ms. Mikayla Kersting, Harbor Light Christian School
Ms. Genevieve Kromm, Petoskey High School
Ms. Annie Lesky, Harbor Springs High School
Ms. Eva Matthews, Petoskey High School
Mr. Max Meyerson, Petoskey High School
Ms. Cecilia Murray, Petoskey High School
Mr. Mitch Pulaski, Petoksey High School
Mr. Dennis Sanche, Alanson Public Schools
Ms. Clare Simard, Petoskey High School
Ms. Anna Sumpter, Petoskey High School
Mr. Jaeger Williams, Pellston Middle School
Ms. Sarah Williams, Alanson Public Schools
Mr. Isaac Wittenberg, Homeschool 

Sara Ward, Program Officer, Co-Advisor
Chris Cerrudo, Co-Advisor

Video: Inspirations and Aspirations